Wanted #1Am I dead in this life?

I am alive in the next?

Do I come alive after I am dead?

If so why should I wait?


Muted rainbows of forgotten ruins decay,

hidden in shadows of memories array.

Frozen tears slide from bloodshot eyes,

slowly down the dragon’s scaly tiles.

The morning sun chases away the nights regrets,

 whispered dreams vanish as the moon sets.

I am dead like the crisp autumn’s falling leaves,

I am alive like the evening breeze.

Crashing waves in the throes of death survive,

a wounded animal struggling to stay alive.

Down the centuries I’ve worn the brand of chains,

shackled by the enemies campaigns.


I’ve been hunted by more than One.

The lion of grace and mercy never tires.

In the mystery before the beginning of time.

There is One who has forever wanted me.

~Mark Schutter ©2014

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