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Along Paths Not Taken

Floating a sea of uniformity
Uniqueness often shot down
Overrated and dismissed by those
With no vision
Of what the future could be

Fear of change and what it means
Raises its loud voice
Above the noise
An unknown road less traveled
May lead to riches beyond compare

Out of place among the suits
Buttoned up and neatly pressed
All trimmed and primed
An image of perfection
Perception is the reality

A different voice arises from the crowd
A way unheard, a cry alone
Leaders emerge when least expected
From those who challenge the paradigm
Seeing visions of promise and purpose
Along paths not taken

~Mark Schutter ©2014

Change is upon you ...


2 thoughts on “Along Paths Not Taken”

  1. To paraphrase a Gail Sheehy quote I came across this morning … if you don’t change you don’t grow; if you don’t grow you’re not really living. … Your poem is well written and timely. Be well, Dorothy 🙂


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