God, Life, Writing

In Spite of Me …

my fears,

my doubts,

my unbelief,

my lack,

my ingratitude,

my failures,

my blindness,

my hurts,

my needs,

my wants,

my selfishness.

He can part the seas, move mountains, raise the dead, heal broken bodies, stop the sun and perform miraculous supernatural feats; all in spite of my continuing unbelief.

Sunset 2013 (Carri)(Photograph courtesy of Carri Schutter ©2013 www.graceunveiledblog.wordpress.com)

2 thoughts on “In Spite of Me …”

  1. I am so glad to know that my Lord loves me inspite of myself. We as human beings don’t deserve His love but because of His love He loves us in spite of ourselves. Thank You Lord GOD


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