“Sunset Visions” ©Maleko 2012

In myself, I have no right to ask

As I tentatively crawl to Your throne

In myself, I have no voice to speak

As I soundlessly scream Your name

In myself, I have no strength to stand

As I lie silently prostrated at Your feet

In myself, I have wholly lost my way

As I dance masquerading my weakness

In myself, I fear the deep residing dark

As I stare blinded by Your white light

In myself, I have no hope of redemption

As I feel Your strong and loving embrace

©Maleko 2012

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  1. My brother, that was powerful. Praise God for your gift… The pictures you paint with the words God gives you are every bit as lovely as the pictures you paint with watercolors and oils. May the Lord continue to use you as His minister.

    Much love in Christ,

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