New podcast interview – RELEASING TRAUMA, a survivor’s podcast

I was blessed recently to have a conversation with Tracey from Releasing Trauma, a survivor’s podcast. We talked about grief, loss, healing and life after, especially from a man’s perspective and the expectations placed on men after trauma.

Two questions:

  • What advice would you give to someone going through trauma and grief?
  • What would you do differently in your own grief journey knowing what you know now?

Let me know in the comments and go give the episode a listen.

If you haven’t go give a listen to my conversation last week with Meghan on Judging Meghan.

Available on Apple and all major podcast platforms.

Cowboys Are Not Supposed to Cry

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  1. Take ALL the time you need. Like literally, don’t rush a process that can take years.
    If I could do it differently I would’ve given myself more room and time to deal; I feel like I compressed it all into a few years and counseling sessions and now it’s in this mental box I refuse to open. So instead of dealing; I just don’t.

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