the abyss
anxiety and depression
an endless deep cavern of dark
indecision and self-loathing
that many
will journey through

the black
surrounds and confounds
terrified voices screaming in your head
searching and hoping
not one
hears the sounds 

the angst
heavy and thick
a velvet fog covering everything
dank and suffocating
gray colors
shadow our lives

the abyss beckons
false comfort there

Life is…, not what you hoped and planned for

Life is…, living, learning, loving and letting go

for fate conspires
to break our hearts
and healing only comes
once we are broken 

a thousand steps
only to find
yourself sliding slowly
backwards drawn
invisible forces scheme

piercing the dark
reaching and grasping
clawing to the edge of the abyss
looking up and out
to the light
away from the dark

beginning anew here
believing and hoping
one small step right where you are
faith and belief
to begin again
the journey out of the abyss.     

 ~Mark Schutter ©2016

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