a tattered soul hangs in the air
broken memories litter the stairs
behind the chaos tired and torn
weathered camouflage is worn

broken hearts forgotten and forlorn
a house once and a home no more
lonely ghosts haunt the halls
of plaster camouflaged of walls

~Mark Schutter ©2016

How often do we hide, camouflaged if you will, from others and even ourselves?

False Images
The false image we present to the world will eventually become our reality and then colors everything we know and are. This is not truth, but a lie. I do not want to live this way.

The Difficulty
Openness is difficult, transparency is rife with trapdoors and there is fear in vulnerability and is so often ridiculed by others. Our hearts must be protected yes, but also true freedom is only found in healing the broken places we all carry deep inside.

The Questions
How do you see yourself, how do you believe others see you? What is your truth? Will you drop the camouflage and emerge into the open or will you continue to hide?

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