What the hell is wrong with this picture?


Triggers come in all shapes and sizes from out of nowhere.  They blindside you and will knock you on your ass! I may not usually don’t engage in rants very often but when and if I do it is usually has to be personal.

It has been 20 plus years, say what?

Happy Birthday,  really?

I have moved eight times (I think) between three states and changing addresses in the intervening years. Changed jobs numerous times gotten married and had a child.

Still with all the data that is collected by corporations and the government about our personal lives they somehow miss this? It makes no sense at all. They can track where we go, what we buy and who we talk to. It is public record and I am living a very different life.

The mail pictured above arrived today following a great two days of camping. I have to give AARP credit they knew that she would turn have turned 50 years old, hence the happy birthday. 

Problem is, she’s been dead for over 22 years!

Okay, rant over.

You can read more of my story on my about page ‘A Cowboys Heart’. Now I am going back to watching “The Searchers” and have a drink.

Tomorrow is a new day full of hope.

#JustBelieve #GraceWins #HopeLives

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