Side by Side – A Poem of Place, for the Poetic Diversity Project

Our own places,
where we sit side by side.
A table and a desk,
and yet two chairs
the only similarity.
A window sits between,
our singular view on the world.
You are learning
and growing so much,
all the while inspiring me.
You being home-schooled
and learning many things.
Me with my writings
and moments of idleness,
that bond us together.
Our lives and
the journey, forever
an adventure, together.

~Mark Schutter 2015

This short free write poem I wrote in response to Shawn L. Bird’s Poetic Diversity Project prompt for her Masters class.  For March 1st , she has asked to please share details about your physical environment to demonstrate our diversity, and how we come together through our poetry!

I have written about the two spaces where I and my daughter sit and often do our thing! 🙂  I have a table with my laptop and my daughter has a desk where she often does her school work.  We sit side by side facing the wall with a window between us.  I encourage you to join in the fun and follow Shawn’s blog, she is a terrific writer!

8 thoughts on “Side by Side – A Poem of Place, for the Poetic Diversity Project”

  1. Thanks for participating in this project, Mark. This is such a lovely image: father and daughter writing together, sharing a table in reality, with stories unravelling in imagination!

    Perhaps your daughter would like to contribute a place poem for us, too! I’d love to hear from her with this, or one of the future prompts.

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    1. Thanks Charlene, sometimes a good prompt or a kick in the pants is all you need. I don’t remember if I knew you homeschooled of not but good job and best of luck. We love it and our daughter is thriving.

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  2. This is a warm and lovely example of family life, daughter and Dad, bonding and sharing, and a wonderful project, compliments of Shawn. Thank you Mark.

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