There are those places in our lives that hold an enchantment.  Physical places that make our hearts beat faster filling our senses with excitement and anticipation.   Where the memories remain of what had been, of moments that transpired over time. Some moments lingered on while others were beautiful and tragically fleeting and yet each stays with us forever.

There are those roads where our feet have walked in seeming perfect harmony with the forces of the universe and the purpose of our existence. In those moments all it seemed, was perfectly as it should be. The bumps in the road and the rough spots seemed only minor inconveniences and mere annoyances. That only served to push us further towards our true destiny. And yet…

through the
of memories.
by pain
rooted deep
in sin.
the ghosts
laughing an
evil refrain.
while darkness
falters under
mercy’s light.
comes silently
with love
and grace.
we can
go back
home again.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

Back Home() Again

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