I recently passed somewhat of a milestone, alive for half a century.  More years of my life behind me than possibly ahead. I find myself somewhat more reflective and contemplative over the past month.  Who am I kidding, I have always been reflective and somewhat contemplative, in fact I have been accused of thinking too much at times. I ponder the twists in the road and I have been hard on myself through the years and am learning, slowly.  Grace comes uneasy to me and I can only extend grace to others when I am willing to receive it for myself also.  May we each find the grace we seek.


Where is the grace when the moment is done?
The words that are spoken, hang heavy in the air.
To late to be returned.
Where is the grace as I begin to come undone?

Grace for myself, grace for others.
When the moments melt into nothingness.
Grace for myself, grace for others.
When the pain inside is all too real.

Where is the grace when the final bell tolls?
Too late for regrets, for the end is here.
Fates are forever sealed.
Where is the grace in exchange for my soul?

~Mark Schutter ©2014A Twist in the Road



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