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  1. Mark, that’s a hard question for down here, not having baseball as one of its major sports, but before the big strike (what was it, late 80s, 90s?) would be able to catch a few games on the small screen, nothing live here, but sort of lost track here.

    I suppose these are a couple of players with classic, and vintage reputations (there is probably a better words than the two I just used, but it’s been a long day), looking for a hint, too far south of the equator here.

    Love the top one, top quality marks for perspective through the frame, colours, tints, and tones, and not to forget the subtle shadowing, bring it out an incredible aspect to baseball, the pitcher on the mound winding up, about to let it rip the air.

    The batter, strong in the shoulder, powerful through the hips, all power in swinging through the body. The foot work and shift in balance, the concentration, totally stand out.

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