“The Lonely Vigil at Sunset
Pastel drawing on paper, 14″x11″, Mark Schutter ©2010

When reviewing some older art I have created the thoughts of the path each of us alone must travel occurred to me upon seeing this drawing completed back in 2010.  A lone stallion is posed in a rearing stance upon a ridge as the sun sets and day fades into the twilight before night. 

The stallion to me represents the loneliness of the journey and the path that each one of us must take in this life, often seemingly alone but also the power and strength we possess.

We do come together in groups and families (herds) but so often our ultimate path is truly ours and ours alone.  But there is a power and strength that so often lies dormant, waiting for us to only reach out and grab the adventure that awaits us and a power that is always ever-present for us to tap into.  Oh, that we would break from the fear and truly live! ~M

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