GU372“An American Icon”       Mark Schutter ©2010        Watercolor Pencils

The American Bison is a true original and its image takes us back to a seldom remembered past when they roamed freely over the land prior to their decimation almost to extinction at the hands of man.  I tried to capture the simple beauty, strength and majesty of this truly magnificent animal.  This was previously painted a few years ago but the 4th of July got me to thinking about our great country so thought I would post it here.  Enjoy! ~M

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  1. Mark this is an amazing painting no matter how long ago it was done! The buffalo is truly an American icon , you called it correctly I truly admire your artistry and thank you for sharing a piece of your heart and soul with all of us.

    1. Thank you so much, it is one of my favorites. In fact I have done quite a few different versions of buffalo’s. Maybe I will post some more in time. Thanks again!

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