“I amGU2012-001 (Silver Wings) only one of many who stand in the void”  the leader spoke.

His voice was strong and commanded attention but contained no trace of pride or self-serving attitude.

“The darkness has long railed against the light and the veil is often thin between the worlds.  We serve only one and seek only to do his will.  We come to those in need who call.  We are ever ready to serve.  Our mission is never complete until that day that no one knows.  Until that time when the light forever shines with no shadows cast we stand vigilant and ready to come to the aid of those in need.  Should you have need we will be there as you are a chosen one as are all who his children.  He is forever accepting of those who turn to him and travel the new path he lays before them.  Your destiny lies before you.”

At this he backed his horse into line with the others and with a nod of his head towards Taylor, at once the horses’ all jumped into the air wings beating strongly against the air as they took to flight.  They rose quickly and all turned back to the east from which they had first came and rising higher and higher into the sky they flew.  Continuing until they were only specks in the distance against the blue of the sky, finally disappearing completely.


The above writing is a short excerpt from a novel I am currently working on editing and revising.  The rough first draft was written entirely in the month of November 2012 during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). 

A long ways to go and feedback is always appreciated, what do you think? ~M

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  1. Should you have need we will be there as you are a chosen one as are all who his children.
    Looking forward to reading more altough this sentence tends to read clumsily, Should that be ‘who ARE his children’ 🙂

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