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A Tribute to an Old Friend

This is a 16×24 ink wash and crayon drawing
of our previous dog Shilo.  (Mark Schutter ©2013)

Remembering an old friend who died many years ago in the spring 1997 at the old age of 14.  A collie / shepherd mix she was a one of a kind treasure of a dog.  She literally saved my life, but that is a story I will tell in another blog at another time.

She was with us through our entire marriage and unfortunately was only around for a short two and one half years after our daughter was born so they barely got to know each other. She was loving, loyal, a true companion and a trusted friend.  She was always with us on many trips all over the Northwest from the mountains (in bear country) to the sea and she always was a protector and a source of joy! She loved the beach but was not to fond of the water. 🙂  We miss you Shilo!
This is the photo that was the inspiration for the drawing of Shilo in her usual spot in the back of the pickup, we could never leave home without her!
A couple of years after she died I created this video tribute below and posted it to my YouTube channel, “Shilo, With the Dawn”

4 thoughts on “A Tribute to an Old Friend”

  1. Aw, this was so heartfelt. I know how it is to lose a friend like that. My dog’s name was Kioki. He died in 2001. Although we now have several doggies in our backyard that we absolutely love, Kioki will never be forgotten…love this post!


    1. Thanks Charlene! We also have a new dog now, Sadee Jayne, who is wonderful but there was just something about Shilo that can never be replaced. I agree they will never be forgotten!


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