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100 Years From Now

With the back to school season upon us, I was blessed to hear a great sermon by Pastor Tim Wimberly of Living Water last Saturday night about parenting titled “Living Life Together”.  It was about the impact we have on our kids.  He encouraged each parent (current and future) that it is never too late.  We all feel inadequate and unprepared for parenting, when in reality what our children need more than anything is simply us with all of our imperfections.  Our love and our time, not things.  If you would like to watch the sermon or listen to a podcast click here. And follow Pastor Tim on Twitter, you won’t be disappointed! During the sermon the idea for a simple blog post (poem and photo) came to me and I share it with you now.  Remember it is never to late, you will always be their mom or dad!

Fun around the campfire!
Fun around the campfire!

If you are still breathing
You are still in the game
There is still time
The future yet unwritten
Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow a blank slate

What really matters
100 years from now
Money, possessions, cars, toys
Things with no emotion
No connection
Time and moments lost

When they look into your eyes
What will they see?
Love, hope, acceptance
It matters
It makes a difference
It will change the world

It is never too late
The moment is now
Too shine a light
Because they will know and remember
The unconditional love and acceptance
100 years from now

~Mark W. Schutter ©2014

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M is for Mom

Mom – Where do I start?  Well let me explain, no, there is too much let me sum up. (Okay so I borrowed that one.)  A rhyme for mom –

 Dries your tears and Holds you near

Shields your face and Gives you grace

Bakes you cake and Helps you bake

Shows you how and Even spells cow

Say not that and Catches your cat

Helps you heal and Makes your meal

Dries your tears and Calms your fears

Holds your place and Pleads your case

Gives you hugs and Chases away bugs

Tucks you in and Cheers your wins

Laughs at jokes and Please don’t smoke

Most of all and She stands tall

As your Mom and She’s the bomb

Loves you always and In so very, very, very many and uncountable ways

 Love you, Mom!

This was written for Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday from the prompt  “M is for Mom”, using what is called free write friday kellie elmorestream of consciousness writing, no editing, no proofing just writing!  I did mine on a sticky pad in about 5 minutes then wrote it out here.

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