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American Icons – Echos of the Past

GU372“An American Icon”       Mark Schutter ©2010        Watercolor Pencils

The American Bison is a true original and its image takes us back to a seldom remembered past when they roamed freely over the land prior to their decimation almost to extinction at the hands of man.  I tried to capture the simple beauty, strength and majesty of this truly magnificent animal.  This was previously painted a few years ago but the 4th of July got me to thinking about our great country so thought I would post it here.  Enjoy! ~M

Adventure, Art

Feeling Purple

“Feeling Purple”       ~M ©2010      18×24 inches        Watercolors, crayons and pastels (mixed media) from the archives

Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations. ~Paul Cezzane

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Forged in Fires

forged in fires ~ beyond the stars

comes the promise ~ seeking lost hearts

 shattering the dark ~ forever hope remains

"Forged in Fire"        ©Maleko 201215 x 22 inches  Mixed Media (Watercolors, Pastels & Colored Pencils)
“Forged in Fires”    Maleko©2012    15×22 inches
     Watercolors, Pastels & Colored Pencils

sparks of eternity ~ invade the present

time between time ~ a kingdom advances

within silent moments ~ sacrificial love wins

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Alluring Dreams

Watercolors & Inks  18x24 inches Maleko 2013
Watercolors & Inks          18×24 inches                Maleko ©2013

“Bare Sheer Opal Whirls Conjuring Vague Alluring Dreams” ~M

The above was created for Free Write Friday using what is called stream of consciousness, no editing, no proofing just creating (usually writing, hence the Free Write Friday, but this week I went a little more visual with micro-poetry because that is what came to mind) from the following Word Bank prompt:

 Opal, Vague, Whirl, Dream, Sheer, Conjure, Bare, Allure !

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