Redemption… (part 3)

We search for redemption and forgiveness in the quiet moments of the days that make up our very lives.

And when we find it we are set free from the chains that bind us and the obligations that smother the fires that from our hearts burn so bright.

#JustBelieve #HopeLives #LoveChangesPeople

You are so much more than ORDINARY!

Adventure, Photograph, Poetry

Just Another Saturday


Chasing the wind,
as it swirls and moans.
As ominous dark clouds
stream across the sky.
Hiding a velvet blanket of eternal blue.

Rolling on dusty trails,
that seemingly lead nowhere.
As blood slowly drips red
down ever pistoning knees.
Midst tortured lungs and raged breath.

Shredding the downhills,
over scattered rocks and roots.
As a the late evening light
plays hide and seek.
Just another Saturday mountain bike ride.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

What did you do today?


Black and White

imageBlack and white
Wrong and right
Truth lies just beyond our sight

Beauty and grace
Leather and lace
Mercy takes judgements place

Light and dark
Shadows and sparks
Eternal love traces a slow arc

~Mark Schutter ©2015

I sometimes just don’t get it. If we all make up our own versions of what is right or wrong (black or white) then it seems we are left with a muddied shade of gray. What are your thoughts on this?

Photograph, Poetry

Lingering, On the Edge of Forever

Emerald eyes
Ruby lips
A look, A smile
A moment
We were left
On the edge of forever

Holding on
Holding in
A glance, A chance
A moment
We lived there
On the edge of forever

Lifeless eyes
Blue lips
A stare, A vacancy
A moment
That captured life
On the edge of forever

For Love
From Grace
A hope, A mercy
A light
Shines on us
On the edge of forever

~Mark Schutter ©2015

Photograph, Poetry

Battered Heart


Bathed in bright sunlight
I’m standing silent
Surrounded by the darkness
Of my every thought
That erupts from my dry
Battered heart   
Looking for a light
That forever shines   
Through the many cracks
Of my uncertain life
Through the scars of my                      
Battered heart

Holding onto a belief  
Lingering in corners
Behind boxes of doubt   
Light storms the dark
Shining so bright into my 
Battered heart

~Mark Schutter ©2015
#JustBelieve  #GraceWins  #HopeLives