I Can Hear You!

Sharing Space – for the Poetic Diversity Project

Another poem in response to Shawn L. Bird’s Poetic Diversity Project prompt for her Masters class. For March 8th she has asked for us to please share poetry or observations about the challenges and/or joys of sharing a space with others and link it in the comments on Shawn’s blog.  Here is my contribution:

Here we sit,
in our little house.
I’m trying to think
as the ideas come and go.
The light glares from the screen and
I hope the story will unfold.
Then I hear the excited screams
of your laughter,
from the other room.

“I can hear you!”
My thoughts are derailed.
This novel will not write itself!

Then silence,
and it makes me think.
“What in the world is going on now?”

The words are fleeting,
the moments too few.
Our house is filled with joy.
And too soon you’ll be gone,
so laugh and scream
to your heart’s content.
I would not ever trade
being your daddy or
have it any other way.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

My Girls - March 2015
My Girls – March 2015

The Endless Expanse – How does setting impact your philosophy?

Another poem in response to Shawn L. Bird’s Poetic Diversity Project prompt for her Masters class. For March 3rd: Philosophy of Place – Does your moral/political/social/educational philosophy come from your sense of place (your birth place? a special place of change? your current place?)  How does setting impact your philosophy?

Growing up in the high desert landscape of Southern Idaho, I have always been drawn to the land. From the deserts to the mountains, the river canyons to the rolling hills, each has and still does call to me to be explored. They are lands of unexpected dangers and infinite beauty. I love the land of Idaho, Oregon and Washington. This has always been my home, and yes I am a cowboy, just check out my avatar. 🙂 Living my entire life here has shaped my views on life, to be self-reliant and independent, sometimes to a fault. My moral, political, educational and social views have definitely been shaped by this land.

"My Lonely Soul"  Maleko
“My Lonely Soul”

The lonely cliffs
The endless expanse
Land as vast as the sky
Beckons to be crossed

On horseback
Sunrise and sunset

From arid deserts
And forest groves
I disappear into the wild
As it calls my name

Through days
A life fulfilled

~Mark Schutter ©2015


Side by Side – A Poem of Place, for the Poetic Diversity Project

Our own places,
where we sit side by side.
A table and a desk,
and yet two chairs
the only similarity.
A window sits between,
our singular view on the world.
You are learning
and growing so much,
all the while inspiring me.
You being home-schooled
and learning many things.
Me with my writings
and moments of idleness,
that bond us together.
Our lives and
the journey, forever
an adventure, together.

~Mark Schutter 2015

This short free write poem I wrote in response to Shawn L. Bird’s Poetic Diversity Project prompt for her Masters class.  For March 1st , she has asked to please share details about your physical environment to demonstrate our diversity, and how we come together through our poetry!

I have written about the two spaces where I and my daughter sit and often do our thing! 🙂  I have a table with my laptop and my daughter has a desk where she often does her school work.  We sit side by side facing the wall with a window between us.  I encourage you to join in the fun and follow Shawn’s blog, she is a terrific writer!

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Capturing the Moment of Now

Monday Meme of modern stained glass window at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

eyes stare from unblinking stone

cast into eternity’s embrace

colors dance in the suns fading light

my kaleidoscope of thoughts mingle

within history’s past

a moment captured forever

in the hues of twilight

the reds, yellows, greens and blues

dance heavenward in angelic grace

firm against the passage of time

reaching upward into the sky

capturing the moment of now

Mark Schutter ©2013


The above poem was inspired by the “writing prompt- MondayMeme of modern stained glass” posted by Shawn L. Bird, join the fun and be sure to check out her blog and other posts!