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Reflections in the waves …

Reflections in the waves spark my memory, Some happy some sad ~Styx “Come Sail Away” #Lyrics #Truth #Music #Memories

Sometimes we need to get away
To disappear and disconnect
Into the wild and unfettered
Away from the responsibility
The chains of obligation
That bind us day to day

What do you do to get away and disconnect?


Distracted Reflections

My reflection,
softly floats on the surface
of mirrored glass,
staring back at me.

It only takes,
a minor disturbance sending ripples.
Across the surface of our lives,
that contorts our faces.

Distracted reflections,
are what you see.
Not the truth
of who I was meant to be.

~Mark Schutter ©2015
Distracted Reflections

“Lord, help me to see the humanity in others and take my focus off of me.”