Opening Doors

A house stands empty and dark

Once home to happy hearts

Now stale dead air hangs heavy

Holding memories deftly

And I find myself opening doors

Once closed long before

#JustBelieve #HopeLives #LoveChangesPeople

Fallen Leaves

Like the fallen leaves

My heart lies wounded

Laid bare, alone and dying

Writing down the moments

Long buried deep in memory

(Working on my #wip #memoir and opening doors I closed a long time ago, feeling exhausted. šŸ˜„)

#JustBelieve #HopeLives #LoveChangesPeople

Have You Become the Storm?

Though I walk through the valley of death (or shadows)…

I know that in my own life it is during times of struggle when I have grown the most. If we bend but do not break we become stronger. It may sound cliche but it can be true that what doesn’t kill us often makes us stronger.

My own journey has wound its way through life, death and ultimately back to life. You can read some of that on my About page and in my upcoming memoir.

I know that my path will again lead me to death’s door and the final reality. However my faith assures me that it is not the end just a different adventure.

Meanwhile in this life and hopefully in the next –

I am the storm!

How about you?