The Secret of Strength

Jesus wept.

~John 11:35

Bull$√!+He suffered scorn, he was ridiculed and mocked, bruised and beaten. He did not speak against those who mercilessly crucified him and he willingly gave his own life. He was strong, in ways that the world did not and does not understand to this day.
He stood strong against all that was evil and wrong in the world with an unfathomable compassion and love.
He refused to compromise the truth, and yet, when those he loved died he wept. He felt and expressed emotions deeply and lived his life on earth fully as a model for us to follow. If it was good enough for him, it is good enough for me and I refuse to believe or live the enemy’s lie.
What about you, who and what will you believe?
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Where is the Grace? (part 2)


When grace is available to all why do we so easily miss it, for ourselves and others? Why do we so easily fail to see? For in the end there are our lives, our pain and our feelings, that so often only deceive us into believing the lies. Is truth an emotion all on its own?

Please remember,

#YouMatter #LoveChangesPeople #HopeLives #JustBelieve #GraceWins


Condemnation and the One Voice.


Condemnation is often,
we so easily tell ourselves
comes from others.
In loud voices they speak;
their supposed truth,
their belittling words,
their self-imposed importance.

Yet the worst vile hypocrisy,
and self-mutilating condemnation;
that tears us down,
that speaks the lies,
that raises the doubts.
Is not the voices from without,
but that one lone voice within.

We listen when we should not,
and talk when we should listen.
The world and the enemy,
others and ourselves,
drown out the only true voice.
The voice of love and grace,
that never speaks of condemnation.

~Mark Schutter ©2015


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Only Mercy


in this cruel world
lives don’t seem to matter.
Hearts can be easily broken
while evil crushes lost hopes.
And through it all it seems,
the guilty thrive in a world
where it seems there is
no justice.


Yet wait,
there are those

who rise from the masses
of indifference, greed and pride.
To make that awaited final stand
when hope seems eternally lost.
And when the dark approaches,
the light will shine forever

only mercy.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

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Death and Life


So death where is your supposed sting?
Don’t you see,
you ain’t no big thing.

You were defeated on a hill long ago.
Once and for all,
it was finished just so.

We cry for those who’ve gone before.
In sadness and grief,
to hope we cling all the more.

As angels rejoice and dance joyfully.
In a living hope,
we believe in a life eternally.

Rest in grace by which we are saved.
From deaths grip,
for which the price was paid.

On our behalf he came willingly for us.
Under heavens curtain,
in mercy not judgement we trust.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

I wrote this poem quickly tonight after hearing earlier today that a younger cousin of mine had died following her battle with cancer. I believe that physical death is not the end and that there is a living hope by which we can have eternal life. God bless!


Clinging to Hope


Clinging to hope
we look for rest,
stranded here in the in-between.
What was is gone
and what will be,
seems to come so slowly.

Like a angel
to the father,
forever grounded without wings.
The life we envision
and the life we live,
seems to be miles apart.

is within reach.
Within reach is,

Bent over against
life’s strong gales,
searching for the moments grace.
The mercy and love
is there for us,
as we are clinging to hope.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

#JustBelieve   #GraceWins   #HopeLives

God, Life

Mercy Triumphs over Judgment

Judgement may seem necessary but it cannot correct or change the past.  However, the ability to show and give mercy will always lead to the creation of a better future.

1407290641819[1]Lately, as I watch the news, listen to the radio reports and read Facebook and Twitter posts my heart breaks with sadness.  There is so much evil in the world right now and it just seems to keep growing stronger. The hatred that is spewed on all sides, the monstrosities we commit against one another, where and when will it stop?

Murder, killings, riots, child abuse, rape, assault, theft, road rage, and even the simple lack of kindness for one another; the list is endless. I believe in justice for wrongs committed, but I also believe that this side of heaven sometimes justice does not prevail.  Sometimes there is no justice only mercy.  For justice will not ultimately change our circumstances only mercy, grace and love can do that. 

This holiday season may we slow down, even pausing for moments and extend that mercy to all we encounter.  Take the time to look someone in the eye and say ‘Merry Christmas’ and mean it.  The light will forever shine in the darkness and the darkness will not overcome it no matter how strong it becomes.  Each of us carries that light within us, we can and must allow that true light to shine and pierce into the darkness! ~M

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