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Fall (haiku)

Leaves silent fall

Anxiety covers all

As October falls

~Mark Schutter ©2014

Fall (haiku)Photo ©Carri Schutter of Grace Unveiled

A short poem, haiku style, #27 for October Poetry Writing Month, #OctPoWriMo.

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Simply Being Thankful!

Thanksgiving 2013The twisted road we travel

On the journey of life

Comes a time it unravels

Black and white

Dark and light

Mystery blinds our sight

Things we chose to ignore

Focused on what is within

We could see so much more

Yellows and blues

Reds and greens

So many other hues

Gratitude rises at the beauty around

Simply being thankful

In heaven a joyousness resounds

Mark Schutter ©2013

Happy Thanksgiving!