Triggers, Moments and Memories

like fires dancing flames,
burning a hole in the black.
Leaves behind painful scars,
forever seared in my brain.

frozen in time eternal,
etched in stone and not forgotten.
A remembrance of what is past,
burns hot in the infernal.

from the darkness will come,
slapping our hearts with regret.
Forever lost of what once was,
voices push until you’re numb.

out of nowhere appear,
to sidetrack our simple lives.
Things once laid to rest,
still rattle things we hold dear.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

What triggers you? What moments are remembered? What memories linger?

Just Sketching Horses

imagejust messing around
dreams in graphite on paper
just sketching horses
imagebegins white on black
dreaming colors not yet seen
begins the desire
imagejust messing around
as dreams in color invade
just sketching horses

~Mark Schutter ©2015

Top image – graphite pencil sketches on tracing paper
Middle image – white pastel on black drawing paper, 9×12 inches
Bottom image – colored pastels on black drawing paper, 9×12 inches

We all need serious therapy!


We all need some form of therapy (or call it escape if you like) from the craziness of our lives. Two of my favorites are riding my mountain bike and writing.

I love getting out into nature and just pedaling away from my stress. I also love writing; stories, poetry, it doesn’t really matter. I find both cathartic in very different ways.

I also find therapy in my faith, in music, in drawing and painting, in family and friends (at least some of them :) ), and not to forget coffee and chocolate!

What works as therapy  for you?

To Love Unconditionally – Guest post by Darren Tinnerstet

To Love UnconditionallyWhy do we love
Love is so strange
Love can be addictive

What makes love real
Is love all heart
Or is love emotion

How you show love
Makes love so unique
My form of love
Is to love unconditionally

~Darren Tinnerstet ©2015

Another great guest post from one of the members of my work creative writing group. In response to my challenge to them to write a poem of 10 lines in which each line must contain the word love. Thank you Darren, great job!  Hope my readers have enjoyed reading some other writers for a change. :)