Are you ‘Riding a Carousel Horse’?

Carousel HorsesCarousel horses go up and down.
Carousel horses are lost,
never to be found.

Carousel horses go round and round.

Horses, in powerful beauty.
Horses, in gentle strength and mercy.
Horses, in love ever truly.

Are you riding a carousel horse?
Just going up and down,
round and round.

A carousel horse will never,
ever, veer from its course.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

Silent Expectations


How often do we, sometimes unwittingly and other times will full forethought, place expectations on ourselves. Causing us to carry burdens through life we were never meant to bear. I know I have and am still doing this today. Lord, help us lay down our burdens for you promise healing and to give us life more abundantly.

#JustBelieve  #GraceWins  #HopeLives  #LoveChangesPeople  #YouMatter

A Fairy Tale of Sorts


On a lonely dirt road
Under a tree’s green canopy.
In an enchanted forest.
Under a sky of deep blue.
Soft clouds float by.
On the song of an autumn breeze.

An unexpected encounter
That catches them both unaware.
On a day like any other.
When time seemed to stand still.
Neither said a word.
Yet, the silence spoke volumes.

Her crystal blue eyes.
And a smile of utmost kindness.
He lost himself in the waves
She felt his strength.
Wielded with authority.
A mantle of royalty easily worn.

In that moment of time
Their destiny’s sealed as one.
The magic was evident.
Forces collided in the unseen.
Warring over the notion.
Of lovers meant to be free.

Demons swayed in the trees.
Watching the unfolding scene.
While angels stood guard.
To protect the mystery and magic
For true love must win.
For them to live happily ever after.

~Mark Schutter ©2015