No Justice Only Mercy

1407290641819[1]For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy;
  mercy triumphs over judgment. ~James 2:13

Justice is sought when feeling wronged,
Revenge is believed to be a sweet soothing balm.
“Get even!”
We are told, to mend our wounded souls.
Hearts are broken completely shattered,
As if we did not matter!
Words are carelessly spoken,
The knife in our back a remembered token,
“How could you?!”
We scream, wishing it was all a dream.
We don’t deserve this we often cry.
As we wave our clenched fist at the unfeeling sky.
There is no remedy to our jaded history,
Sometimes there is no justice only mercy.

~Mark Schutter ©2014

 Healing only begins when we choose to forgive and then we find that we are the one’s who are changed.


#MyCoffeeAddictionAddictions may come.
Addictions may go.
Beyond the wanting,
Mornings when it’s hard to rise,
Wild horses drag me from the bed.
Beyond the waiting.
I thank God for the sun.
And a blessed cup of joe. 

~Mark Schutter ©2014      

Happy Thursday Everybody!!!

STRONG… Like a Girl!


A beautiful reminder to embrace your uniqueness and strength – especially the ladies! I will encourage my daughter to be STRONG… Like a Girl! Won’t you do the same? #MondayInspiration #LikeAGirl

Originally posted on Grace Unveiled:

The video, #LikeAGirl, is excellent about the strength and uniqueness of being a girl!  We have all used “Like a Girl” in a negative way, time to change the way we use the words that we say because they can be damaging without us even knowing it. “Like A Girl” is a good thing!  Watch the video below!

Now the question is, are you Strong Like A Girl???

Strong like a girl 2

Yes, this is my girl and she IS Strong… Like A GIRL!

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Are You a Difference Maker?

That is the wrong question to ask of others and of ourselves.  We all have a power and a divine potential to make a difference every moment of every single day. A single smile, a single look, a single word or a single touch may make all the difference. Have the courage to step out in faith. The real question is -

What kind of difference will you make? 
  • Good or evil? 
  • Light or Dark? 
  • Healing or Pain?

“Difference Maker” ~Song by NEEDTOBREATHE  (view the lyrics here on AZLyrics)

We must make a conscious choice to commit everyday, in every situation, in every encounter with every person to, not just random, but INTENTIONAL ACTS OF KINDNESS believing that we can and do make a difference! I recently wrote about my own new journey on the blog in reaching and sharing the light that God has placed in me with others – Healing the Brokenhearted. Just believe, grace wins, hope lives, speak life and watch the ripple effect! God Bless! ~M