This short poem was written late at night as I hung suspended in the present with both the past and the future creeping around the edges of my mind.  We are tainted and impacted by our past in both good and bad ways. And often excited and scared of an unknown future that lays before us. Yet, all we truly have is this moment. Let the past rest, trust for the future, breathe deep and live now. You may have been created for a time such as this.

#JustBelieve. #GraceWins. #HopeLives

Beautiful Darkness – A Love Story

Beautiful DarknessIf I open my chest,
Reaching in with trembling hands,
And if I gave you my heart.

Would you see the beautiful darkness that makes me who I am?

Trusting in your answers to my unspoken questions;

Would you hold it gently?
Would you hold it intimately?
Would you hold it carefully?

And when my breath fades;
Would you let me go,
Alone into the alone?

Will you remember the beautiful darkness that made me who I was?

You are and always will be;

That single spark,
Brilliantly illuminating the black,
Of my brokenness.

Finding you shows;
The only reasons why I believe,
My heart answers.

We fit together like;
Interlinking puzzle pieces we are,
Of dark and light.

You see the beautiful darkness
that makes me who I am.

My strong comfort;
You’re everything I need,
What I hope to be.

Your light shines;
Into the darkness of my heart and soul,
Making me a better man.

You have a beautiful darkness
that makes me who I am.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

To honor my lovely wife, Carri to celebrate her birthday and my love for her, I wrote the poem above.  She knows my darkness and I know hers; and together our union has created a beautiful darkness where we both rest comfortably knowing that we complement each other.  Our light illuminates the others darkness!  Happy Birthday my love!

Clinging to Hope


Clinging to hope
we look for rest,
stranded here in the in-between.
What was is gone
and what will be,
seems to come so slowly.

Like a angel
to the father,
forever grounded without wings.
The life we envision
and the life we live,
seems to be miles apart.

is within reach.
Within reach is,

Bent over against
life’s strong gales,
searching for the moments grace.
The mercy and love
is there for us,
as we are clinging to hope.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

#JustBelieve   #GraceWins   #HopeLives