First look at chilling new television ad set to air during Super Bowl (VIDEO)


Compassion and kindness starts with LISTENING! Be present and be engaged. Upcoming Super Bowl ad about domestic violence. We all must say #NoMore !

Originally posted on Q13 FOX News:

PORTLAND, Oregon — It was a call to 911 that one dispatcher initially thought was simply a prank, but luckily that dispatcher stayed on the line long enough to realize the call was really a call for help.

Now the transcript from that call has inspired a chilling and important new television ad set to debut during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

A 30-second version of the NO MORE ad will reportedly be the first-ever Super Bowl ad to address domestic violence and sexual assault according to the organization behind the campaign.

The transcript of the call first surfaced last fall on reddit thread posing the question ‘911 Operators, what is that 1 call that you could never forget?’

In the post, user Crux1836 recalled one of the most memorable calls he ever took as a dispatcher:

Dispatcher: 911, where is your emergency?
Caller: 123 Main St.
Dispatcher: Ok, what’s going…

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Free FallingThe fog surrounds,
as the mist clings to my skin.
Dampening the fuses,
I struggle to see again.
I’m free-falling…
Sitting in ruins,
my mind a closed-door.
Out of darkness,
muted condemning voices roar.
I’m free-falling…
Chaos is masked,
behind the forced smiles.
Indecision and tears,
my breaking heart, meanwhile.
I’m free-falling…
Facing an abyss,
pulled into the absurd.
My faith wavers,
doubts crushed by His word.
I’m free-falling…
Days drift on,
rhythms of a soft breeze.
Oh, my God,
won’t you catch me, please.
I’m free-falling…

~Mark Schutter ©2015

Free Falling

Upcoming… and the power of saying NO!

Sometimes saying NO to things is as important as saying yes to the things we wish to pursue.  Saying NO, frees up time to focus on our priorities and limits the distractions.  Because I am saying NO to the unimportant distracting things here are some things in the very near future that I will be saying yes to.

Things To do:

  1. Prepare for speaking and reading my poetry at a healing prayer ministry class in February.
  2. Complete and submit a postcard for the Twitter Art Exhibit-Moss in March.
  3. Update and refresh the Fine Art America site with new art.
  4. Finalize the edits to the 2014 novel for first round of a beta reading critique.
  5. Begin assembling my poems for a poetry collection to submit for publishing.
  6. Love God, others and myself; allow God, others and myself to love me.
  7. Be fearless!

What do you have upcoming that you need to commit to do? Better yet, what do you want to truly do and how can you say no to the distracting things so you can say YES? I encourage you to choose wisely and be…

Fearless Snoopy

Compassion is a Verb

I encourage everyone to visit the site Cards of Hope and see how you can help to bring inspiration and happiness to people battling CANCER.  Her mission touches me on a very personal level because of my own experiences (you can read about that on my about page if interested).Lacie created the site to bring inspiration and happiness to people battling CANCER.  Cards of Hope was founded because of her experience staying with a friend, Pennie, who had terminal cancer. She was always looking for some glimmer of hope or joy in every day that she was alive. To quote Lacie, “Battling CANCER is a horrendous thing to have to go through, and I feel that if I can do anything to brighten a Cancer warrior’s day then I will do it.”

Cards of Hope functions on a purely donation basis.  The following list is only a few of the many items needed that can help brighten a warrior’s day.

*stamps (They Always Need Stamps!)

*gift cards
*coloring pages
*post cards
*cross word puzzle books
*new stuffed animals
*construction paper

You can view more items that are needed hereYou can also send money orders or checks for a donation.  Remember compassion, kindness and love are verbs.  They require action and you may actually experience the greater blessing by your giving.

In addition be sure to join the 1000 Voices for Compassion movement to flood social media with compassion on February 20, 2015. #1000Speak Together we can make a difference!

Twitter Art Exhibit 2015

Some beginning pencil image_1sketches for new drawings or paintings I have in mind this coming year.  I am working on finalizing one of these sketches to submit for this year’s Twitter Art Exhibit in Moss, Norway – #twitterartexhibit

The Twitter Art Exhibit: Moss is an international exhibition of original postcard art benefiting Home-Start Moss, a nonprofit organization helping families in need. Home-Start believes that every child deserves the best start in life. By matching experienced volunteers to families with young children, Home-Start provides support that is free to the family, confidential, and based on individual needs. Volunteers do not make judgements or tell the parents how to live their lives; instead, they try to encourage confidence and independence, and help families build their own networks of friends and other support.

Twitter Art Exhibit: Moss is the fifth installment of an open international exhibition of handmade postcard art for charity, donated by hundreds of participating artists from around the globe.  You can visit the Home-Start Moss websites here >

Home-Start website (Norwegian):

English (UK):

Thanks to David Sandrum for tirelessly promoting this fantastic event.  It is not too late to participate but time is running out as postcard entries must be received by March 1, 2015.  Be sure to visit the Twitter Art Exhibit website for all the details.

Our Twitter account is @twitrartexhibit. Please follow us! We appreciate RTs and mentions. We suggest you post a pic of your card on Twitter before mailing it, and use the hashtag #twitterartexhibit so that we can share the love! If you wish, curator David Sandum may be reached at @DavidSandum, and TwitterArtExhibit board members Maria Pedrero and Nat George may be reached at @robinpedrero and @natgeorgela, respectively. You may also connect with Helen Mollatt from Home-Start Moss at @HomeStartMoss.

Here are the links to my submission for previous years –

Twitter Art Exhibit – Orlando (2014)

 “Forest Flames” – Twitter Art Exhibit: LA

Under a Silver Lining