Horse Graffiti


Horse graffiti       
A freedom rarely found
In a concrete jungle

Untamed equine lines
Breaking chains
A wildness within hearts
So hard to contain
Horse graffiti   
Illuminated by city lights    
On walls of stone

~Mark Schutter ©2015

A Bull $^*! Lie


they will tell you
every chance they get
that boys
are not supposed to cry

time to call it
for what it is
a bull$^*! lie

one that we have all
so easily bought into
in one form or another
no matter who we are

take a deep look in
any boy’s eyes
it’s a bull$^*! lie

you see no tears
welling up inside
or rolling gently
down a sloping cheek

a bull$^*! lie
the tears are real
hidden on the inside

for the strength
of our young men
in the face of tragedy
is emotional courage

stop telling our boys
not to cry
it’s a bull$^*! lie

~Mark Schutter ©2014

Where are the tender hearted warrior poets that the world so desperately needs to stand in the gap for others and to battle the evil?



This short poem was written late at night as I hung suspended in the present with both the past and the future creeping around the edges of my mind.  We are tainted and impacted by our past in both good and bad ways. And often excited and scared of an unknown future that lays before us. Yet, all we truly have is this moment. Let the past rest, trust for the future, breathe deep and live now. You may have been created for a time such as this.

#JustBelieve. #GraceWins. #HopeLives