Adventure, Art, God, Photograph, Poetry

I am His delight

I am love falling, breaking unsuspecting hearts
Cleaving deep darkness, I am lightening flashing
I am thunder crashing, defeating silent echos
Searching endless thoughts, I am fears growing
I am loneliness hiding, behind mirthful smiles
Appearing creative fiction, I am truth living
I am water dripping, dry ground soaking
Tossing boulders high, I am wind howling
I am beauty glowing, dripping dropping ashes
Within darkness is receding, I am faith rising
I am strength holding, hope tightly clinging
Shining light into dark, I am his delight
“Western Washington Sunset”        Poetry and Photograph  Maleko ©2013
Adventure, Art, God, Photograph, Poetry

In myself, I have…

“Sunset Visions” ©Maleko 2012

In myself, I have no right to ask

As I tentatively crawl to Your throne

In myself, I have no voice to speak

As I soundlessly scream Your name

In myself, I have no strength to stand

As I lie silently prostrated at Your feet

In myself, I have wholly lost my way

As I dance masquerading my weakness

In myself, I fear the deep residing dark

As I stare blinded by Your white light

In myself, I have no hope of redemption

As I feel Your strong and loving embrace

©Maleko 2012