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The Box Gallery – Now Open!


Pictures of the wall in my office (aka The Box) at my day job (the one that pays the bills) on which hangs my artwork. 

They are a great conversation starter and it does my heart good to have reminders of my passions and creative side.  I also believe that my right brain pursuits make me better at the left brain activities that seem to occupy most of my day.

Are you a left brain or right brain person?

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Prowling in the Dark

My fears alone are prowling in the dark,
their hungry eyes see and haunt me.Prowling in the Dark
 An invisible storm swirls through me,
as I silently cry out for your mercy.
The strong winds cleave the words from me,
amidst streaming tears of remembered pain.
Mixed with the ceaseless pounding rains,
my shattered heart begs for only grace.
The roar of thunder drowns out my cries,
I fall dumbstruck onto my knees.
The blackness surrounds me on all sides,
a distant spark of light pierces through.
Casting dancing shadows in the deep dark,
showing the only path away from confusion.
Towards the gentle dreams of dawns first light,
clinging to misty visions of hope and love.

~Mark Schutter ©2013

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A Tiger’s Rest


A Tiger's RestThis is a drawing I completed earlier this year and realized I had never posted it.  The images below show the progression of this artwork from the preliminary pencil sketch, working in the undertones, flushing out the highlights and shadows, blending the colors and adding the background. And yes those are the eyes you see in the upper right hand corner! ~M

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Art – A Productive Day in September

A Productive September Sunday - 2013

Today in the Pacific Northwest it rained with thunder and lightning so it was a perfect day to stay indoors and create art.  With some upcoming events this fall and winter I wanted to get some ideas and designs down on paper.  I am happy with the results especially since I spilled a bottle of ink all over my art table first thing, even splashing some of the designs.  But I got creative and managed to make something out of the chaos!

You may view the photo’s individually, and others, here on my FB pageThanks for stopping by! ~M