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Google Auto Enhancement – Intrusion or Compliment?

These are photos I taken by me over the past few months using my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and then auto enhanced by Google.  Now, I am the first to admit that the images are often unique and striking, some even better than the originals. Others leave me wondering what the heck and why that one?

However, I am not sure how I feel about some large corporation that has access to my personal photos to edit, manipulate and change how they desire and see fit.

Especially those of family and friends.  Why are certain photos chosen and not others?  Not to mention the videos composed of several photos put together, which I did not share any of those.  Does anyone know the why of this or is it some secret algorithms like Facebook uses? Makes me think that this may be too much of a good thing?  Is big brother watching?  Are we being manipulated?

Our every keystroke, every WordPress like and comment, every Google+ comment and plus, every Facebook like and comment, every Twitter tweet, all being captured, stored and categorized.  The technology is a wonderful tool and can truly be used for positive and noble pursuits.  I have met some wonderful people online that I otherwise would never have known. There is a power in being able to connect with people all over the world, but that power in the wrong hands… 

Where are we headed? What do you think?

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Technology is a good thing, right?

"Nature"  Photo Maleko © 2013
“Nature”       Photo – Maleko © 2013

The other day at lunch an elderly couple came in after us and were seated in a booth a few feet away from my table.  I watched as after sitting both pulled out their smart phones very rarely looking at each other.  They continued until their meal arrived and upon finishing she picked up her phone and began again.  It saddened me to watch this couple that I assumed had been together for many years seemed to have nothing to talk about.  There was very little conversation, eye contact or any kind of human interaction during the meal.

Yes, technology is a good thing & has huge benefits, but at what cost?