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For we know Love Wins

Life does not begin in a year from now, in an hour, or even a minute from now.
It is the now we live.
Love is infinite and can never be used up, give it away freely.
Lingering in each moment.
Khole we tenderly hold you in our arms cherishing each individual breath.
Trusting in the miracle.
Your ever-present strength is our joy, your smile our peace, your simple presence our hope.
For we know Love Wins.

Mark Schutter ©2013

The above was written for #FWF Free Write Friday: Special Edition #TeamKhole via Kellie Elmore – Visit Team Khole on Facebook for all the updates and follow Khole, who was born with a heart defect a few week ago and lend your support to the family as they travel this journey reminding them they are not alone.

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Who Are You?

In today’s age of technology, social networking and oftentimes lack of real connections with others, it is essential to define yourself as an artist and a person. To know in your heart who you are, what makes you tick and what boundaries you have. Being true to yourself can be difficult today with so many things competing for our attention.  If you know who you are and what it is that you do, it is easier to say no to the things and people who may intrude on that. 
Every time you say yes to something you are saying no to something else!
So now from this made passion
which made me take art for an idol and a king,
I have learnt the burden of error that it bore.
And what misfortune springs from man’s desire…
The world’s frivolities have robbed me of the time
That I was given for reflecting upon God.

In who, in what and where do your priorities lie?