What is the Song of Your Heart? 

I encourage you today to be you,  simply and wonderfully you! 

  • Be bold
  • Be courageous 
  • Be fearless

Well, you may feel fear but do it anyway.

 Trust that you were created for a specific purpose, those desires and longings are what you were meant for. You will and can make a difference. Speak life, choose hope and spread love.  Carpe diem! 

Animals, Art, God

Fish Music

Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before Him with joyful singing. ~Psalm 100:2

"Fish Music" Pastels 8x10 inches (edited using PicMonkey) Maleko ©2013
“Fish Music” Pastels 8×10 inches (edited using PicMonkey) ~Maleko ©2013
"Fish" Pastels 8x10 inches Maleko ©2013
“Fish” Original Drawing done in Pastels 8×10 inches   ~Maleko ©2013