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Behold, A White Horse

In the quiet before the coming storm,
in the dark before the first light of morn.
Out of the black night they come,
souls for the taking they have won.
From beyond the blood-red moon,
destruction and disease screams a terrifying tune.

Behold, a light-colored steed.
Ridden by death, its only purpose to make souls bleed.
Behold, a dusky charger.
Ridden by judgement, its only purpose to make life harder.
Behold, a scarlet mount.
Ridden by chaos, its only purpose to make nothing count.
Behold, a sallow pony.
Ridden by defeat, its only purpose to make conquest only.

The huntsmen were led by the dragon snake,
who turned the sun to black; its thirst to slake.
Those who were left fled in terror and fear,
a voice speaking of a fortress refuge; so we hear.
He will cover us with His feathers as a shield about us,
His angels will defend the throne; in this we trust.
He sets us on high, because we know His name,
set free by His mercy and kindness; we are never the same.

We call on Him and He will respond in swift deliverance.
He tramples the serpent in a moment of eternal significance.

Behold, a white horse!
Ridden by faith and truth, its only purpose to make all things new.

~Mark Schutter ©2014

(The poem above was inspired by verses from Psalm 91 and Revelation 6 and 19:11 from the bible. On this Halloween night where the veil between worlds may be thin I wished to convey that although there is evil, there is something stronger that wins in the end. This is also poem 31 of 31 for the month of October Poetry Writing Month. It is finished, now onto National Novel Writing Month and 50,000 words. God bless! ~M)

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FEAR vs OBEDIENCE – Saturday Night Thoughts

Have you ever been presented with an opportunity or given an invitation that you absolutely know with every fiber of your being that you should accept from the moment it is given; but you hesitate and worse still say no, turn your back and walk away? Why? I believe because of …

Fear_July2014I find myself at that very crossroad of life. God is opening doors, presenting possible opportunities for my poetry, writings, art and photography that are outside the confines of traditional venues.  A venture that pushes me way out of my own created and self-imposed comfort zone. 

I am scared, yes I admit it I am scared

Scared of where this could possibly lead and worse to subject myself to the possible criticisms, ridicule and even failure?  Isn’t the greater failure to not even try?  I do believe there is often so much more awaiting on the other side and we may never know we have wings until we leap off the cliff and find ourselves flying. I pray that God gives me the strength to move forward despite my fears.  This new path that seems to lie before me has the potential to impact lives in monumental ways.  However, like Saul in 1 Samuel, I find myself fearing people more than God.

Stay tuned for further updates as this all unfolds.  For now I will just believe that God is leading in this. I may share those reasons why I believe that in a future post but for now my obedience is more important than anything else.  God bless! ~M