Life, Poetry

Wake the Beast

We tiptoe quietly around afraid to wake the beast.
He lies quietly sleeping, dozing fitfully his power unreleased.
Carefully hidden deep within the dark hearts of men.
Lies the anointing, the legacy, the dormant strength within.
Stand tall.
Stand straight.
Be bold, be courageous.
In moments before us we quietly shrink,
in unacknowledged fear.

When the path quietly lays before us ever so clear.
Silently we slink around the throne of our hearts.
Forgotten from whence the power comes,
actors playing our parts.
Moments may define us for a lifetime,
we are left with nothing to fight.
From deep inside out of eternity passed,
shines a brilliant white light.
We quietly fear the unrestrained strength,
the powerful emotions, the uncontrolled lust.
For quietly deep inside the small dark place in our hearts,
is where the beast resides in each of us.

~Mark Schutter ©2014

wpid-image_13.jpgThis is poem is my submission this week to The Reverie Journal based on the prompt of a “Quiet Journey”, in which I came up with the last line first and then went back and wrote the rest using the word ‘quietly’ repeatedly.  In addition this is poem number 23 of 31 for October Poetry Writing Month, #OctPoWriMo.  Thanks for reading! ~M