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A Duck on a Hot Asphalt Lake

A Duck_Hot Asphalt LakeI see a duck on a hot asphalt lake

His story moves in the shimmering heat

As summertime visions dance in my head

Songlines hum up from the pavement at my feet

The poor little duck lifts his scorched webbed toes

He’s lost in a world he never thought he’d meet

Looking for a way out he sees only endless horizon

So tired he wishes to rest but dares not take a seat

The searing glow from the cement burns to the skin

Wondering why he ventured feeling the defeat

Something remembered comes and moves upon his back

Outstretched his wings extend and against the air begin to beat

Oh my, oh my, there is escape and into the sky he climbs

Thankful for wings in blessed flight he finds relief

~Mark Schutter ©2014

(I took the above picture a while back while walking during my lunch hour.  I came across this duck alone walking across a vacant parking lot.  Seemed strange and he seemed lost, so I quickly snapped a picture with my phone.  With the temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest being unseasonably hot for only mid July, everyone is thinking and talking about the heat.  The phrase ‘A Duck on a Hot Asphalt Lake’ came to me, a play on ‘A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof‘.  I found the picture on my phone edited using PicMonkey and then quickly wrote this little poem.  Tongue in cheek and whimsical, but we are all looking for some relief from the heat.  Hope you enjoy!  Have a good one!  Thanks, ~M)

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My Muse

“To be this old and have our life and her’s just begin.”

The latest artistic creation! (2007)

I was 40 years old when my only child (a daughter) was born and I now see things with a whole different set of eyes and a different perspective. The joy my daughter gets from wanting to paint and draw with me melts my heart. The world has become new again and all is magical!

Being an artist is serious play! (2008)

She sees the wonder and the magic that adults tend to dismiss. She is now eight years old and continues to teach me something everyday with her joy and belief in the impossible.  I try my best to recapture it in my daily life, but somehow it often seems just out of reach.

Running Horses! (2012)
Running Horses! (2012)

My daughter has re-energized me to try to live a simpler life of no limits, no what ifs and no buts, learning to ask why. The magic is there if we only open our eyes to it and see beyond the curtain and those limits we impose on ourselves. The simple joy of a child, caught in the moment and truly being only in the moment and nothing else!

Somewhere over the rainbow! (2012)
Somewhere over the rainbow! (2012)

I thank God for her and her momma everyday!

What is your muse that sparks the creativity inside?