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New Posting Schedule

Happy Monday Friends! 😃

I have been posting here on WordPress since 2012 and on Blogger for a couple of years before that. I have tried to institute a schedule for posting on several occasions over the years. And every time it seems like it works for a while and then… well you know I miss a day or a scheduled post and it all falls apart.

I berate myself and stop posting for a while until I start again. Story of my life… trying to be consistent. Well, now I am going to try it again. I plan on posting three days a week on a new schedule so you can look for a certain type of post on certain days if you are so inclined.

The following are the themes:

  • Motivation Monday’s
    • Inspiration and encouragement to start the week.
    • Look for short posts to kick of the week in an easy style.
    • Quotes, poetry, art, photo’s etc. that will hopefully inspire and encourage.
  • Wordless Wednesday’s
    • This day will be a photo only, no words.
    • Only a caption of where or when the photo was taken.
    • This is a popular theme many bloggers take part in across the blog sphere.
    • I look forward to reading your comments if a photo speaks to you in anyway.
  • Anything Goes Saturday’s
    • Just as the title says, anything goes on Saturday.
    • Updates on my writings; novels, memoir, poetry etc.
    • And sometimes just ramblings or thoughts of whatever is on my mind.
    • Be sure to check it out because you never know what might pop up! 😉

So, let’s get started with the first Motivation Monday! A simple reminder that you matter and …

Have a great day my friends! You are so much more than ORDINARY!

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My Muse

“To be this old and have our life and her’s just begin.”

The latest artistic creation! (2007)

I was 40 years old when my only child (a daughter) was born and I now see things with a whole different set of eyes and a different perspective. The joy my daughter gets from wanting to paint and draw with me melts my heart. The world has become new again and all is magical!

Being an artist is serious play! (2008)

She sees the wonder and the magic that adults tend to dismiss. She is now eight years old and continues to teach me something everyday with her joy and belief in the impossible.  I try my best to recapture it in my daily life, but somehow it often seems just out of reach.

Running Horses! (2012)
Running Horses! (2012)

My daughter has re-energized me to try to live a simpler life of no limits, no what ifs and no buts, learning to ask why. The magic is there if we only open our eyes to it and see beyond the curtain and those limits we impose on ourselves. The simple joy of a child, caught in the moment and truly being only in the moment and nothing else!

Somewhere over the rainbow! (2012)
Somewhere over the rainbow! (2012)

I thank God for her and her momma everyday!

What is your muse that sparks the creativity inside?

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Resting…Be at peace.

A photograph taken at the beach south of Westport, Washington of a seagull resting

on the sand, oblivious to the wind and the commotion of beach goers around him.

To be at peace and rest in the midst of the chaos.

Photography  – border & text added using PicMonkey           ©Maleko 2012