Mima Mounds Natural Area – Olympia, WA

Mima Mounds - May 2016

Sunset from the tree line at the Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve outside of Olympia, WA in the Pacific Northwest south of Seattle.

Acres and acres of mounds cover this vast prairie, all mounds surprisingly similar in shape and size.

  • What are they?
  • Why are they here?

No one really knows.

The theory’s on their origins range from prehistoric gophers, Native American burial sites, erosion, volcanic eruptions, glacial freeze and thaw cycles, even tsunamis and earthquakes. But, got now there is nothing even close to consensus on the origin of these mounds.

Although, not as majestic as Mt. Rainier, nor as intimidating as Mt. St. Helen’s or as breathtaking as the Olympic Mountains, there is an air of mystery. As you walk through the mounds, the soft breezes blowing the prairie grasses at your feet, there is a feeling of something larger at play here. It is spiritually awe-inspiring and foreboding at the same time.

Maybe sometimes, there are things that we are not supposed to know and the trick is to learn to live and be okay with the mystery. Once the mystery is solved the mystique is gone.

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Be Still and Rest

Photograph of the Olympic Mountains from Olympia, Washington  (March 2014)
Photograph of the Olympic Mountains from Olympia, Washington (March 2014)
I am His desire,
I am His beloved,
I am His child,
Even in the darkest night.
I am His joy,
I am His passion,
I am His child,
Even as the storms rage.
So….. why….
Do I feel anxious?
Do I feel alone?
Do I feel abandoned?
Be still and rest for
the Lord is good to you.

Covered by grace and love,                 with the rising of the morning sun.

~M ©2014