Yesterday’s Adventures


Recalling the adventurous hike my daughter and I did this past summer to High Rock Lookout just outside of Mt Rainier National Park, memories that no one can take away.


It’s Christmas Time!


It’s Christmas time
From rainy overcast days
To forever blue skies
And clear sunny days

It’s Christmas time
Towering evergreens stand tall
They cover the land
Where snow scarcely falls

It’s Christmas time
Upon the mountain peaks
Lying in silent repose
Their transcendence we seek

It’s Christmas time…
In the Pacific Northwest

~Mark Schutter ©2014

Dreams of Tomorrow

Hold memories close
Sunsets fade into sunrises
Facing east we dream

Winters in full bloom
Sparkling snow a crystal white
Frozen ice enchants

Recalling our pasts
Sunrises beget the sunsets
Dreams of tomorrow

~Mark Schutter ©2014

Photo of Mt Rainier in the distance at a winter sunrise.

Photo taken during a December sunrise with Mt Rainier in the distance.