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In the End

In the end do not become someone who you never were. #Quote #Poetry #Encouragement #Motivation

Be you, for if you are not no one else could be.

A recent experience led me towards becoming someone who I am not. Through the grace and mercy of Yah and my beautiful wife I have been comforted by Holy Spirit in gentle correction from the lies I was allowing myself to believe.

Now I am holding on the truth of who I was created to be and my destiny. I am claiming the blood of Yeshua over my heart and actions, purposing to follow and live my dreams moving forward.

Now I encourage you to believe in the one who came so that we may have life abundantly. Now go and ⬇️


The Animal is Me

Lost in confused belief of one small spark.
Still quiet of darkening night as color fades.
Haunting romance silently floats on a soft breeze.
Timeless truth pulls something more ancient yet new.
Am I alone?
Voiceless questions my mind screams my heart answers.
Mutely searching for moments lost to the eternities.
Watched endlessly by loving jealous eyes of grace.
A caged animal not realizing the animal is me

Mark Schutter ©2016


How often do we deceive ourselves by believing the lie that we are alone? Tortured and trapped we live in a web of lies and deceit carefully spun by the enemy of our souls. And, yet, there is another who watches over us with loving jealous eyes of grace. One who seeks our eternal freedom and salvation.

He is for us, he will help us and he is not finished with us yet!

#JustBelieve #GraceWins #HopeLives #LoveChangesPeople #YouMatter