Photograph, Poetry

Waiting for Spring


Patiently we wait through the cold.
Some days better than others.
The snows a blanket of white.
Waiting through the rain delays.
A longing lingers in our minds.
To see the perfect green grass,
under a bright sky of forever blue.
A small white sphere stitched in red,
captures our attention and respect.
As we wait for spring training,
and a loud voice that shouts
“Play ball!”

~Mark Schutter ©2015


Art, Life

Play Ball!!! Baseball’s Back!!!

With the start of a new baseball season, which is my favorite sport, I thought I would share a couple of my art pieces with a baseball theme.  Enjoy! ~M

Watercolors 18x24 inches
Watercolors 18×24 inches
Watercolors  18x24 inches
Watercolors 18×24 inches

Can you tell me who these two former MLB players are?