More Me Less You


Poem for day #14 of the January writing challenge from 451 Press Poets.


The Strength to Stand

A little poem about finding the strength to stand, especially in the midst of our loneliness and uniqueness as individuals when we feel lost and alone.


Standing at the ocean’s shore,
I am but a single voice amidst the mighty roar.

Standing in a desert land,
I am only a single small grain of sand.

Standing on the mountain’s peak,
I am a single untethered wind-blown leaf.

Standing in the crowd alone,
I am one distinctly solitary melodic note.

Standing in the dark of night,
I am a brilliant flickering spark of light.

Standing within heavens grasp,
I am at home in my Father’s arms at last.

~M ©2014

(I recently stumbled across this older poem originally written back in 2011.  It struck a chord with me as I read it.  So, I dusted it off, re-wrote and re-worked some of the lines and here it is.  Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading! ~M)

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