Dark, Faulty, Memories


When they come, and they will as sure as the turning of the earth, what will you do with your own dark, faulty, memories? 

God, Poetry

The Sentinel

The Sentinel
“The Sentinel”  North Head Lighthouse Washington (Photo copyright Mark Schutter 2016)

He stands alone

In the day and night

He is immovable
To keep his purpose

He remains unaffected
A watcher over our souls

He accepts dangers
A beacon for weary hearts

He loves unconditionally
Sacrificing himself for us

~Mark Schutter ©2016

(The photo was taken on a family outing to the coast in July, I love where I live!)


Invisible Storms

Invisible Storms

This poem started from an older piece written back in 2013. I have re-worked it here with the intent to capture the often ‘invisible storms‘ that rage in our minds and lives that most never see. Depression, sadness, grief and so much more will torment us. We often hold these things close, either intentionally or not.

Many times after being hurt we then vow to never again be vulnerable nor allow others to see our pain. However, this will only prolong and intensify the pain inside, the ‘invisible storms‘ if you will. Our path to healing is often connection with others in relationship and allowing the truth of who we are to shine, whether others agree or like it.

I struggle with each of these feelings deep inside, where I have buried the hurt, the anger and the grief.

However,… through my writing I am able to release some of that and find healing. I pray that you can find the healing you need also. I believe there is hope and someday… well, let’s just say it will all be okay. But on this side of the undiscovered we desperately need each other and yet we so often remain silent and turn away.

Let me know if I can ever be of help. Comment below, message me on my FB page, on Twitter or via email, info@markschutter.com. Whatever works best for you and remember you matter!

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