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Do You Allow Your Trauma to Define You?

New podcast interview – RELEASING TRAUMA, a survivor’s podcast

I was blessed recently to have a conversation with Tracey from Releasing Trauma, a survivor’s podcast. We talked about grief, loss, healing and life after, especially from a man’s perspective and the expectations placed on men after trauma.

Two questions:

  • What advice would you give to someone going through trauma and grief?
  • What would you do differently in your own grief journey knowing what you know now?

Let me know in the comments and go give the episode a listen.

If you haven’t go give a listen to my conversation last week with Meghan on Judging Meghan.

Available on Apple and all major podcast platforms.

Cowboys Are Not Supposed to Cry
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Do You Listen to Podcasts?

Last week I was interviewed by Meghan Judge for her podcast Judging Meghan and the episode aired today, January 25, 2022. We talked about:

  • My story of grief and loss, the backstory
  • My impetus to share my story and my book – Cowboys Are Not Supposed to Cry
  • How and why men have a hard time talking about mental health
  • The after life and healing in this life to find a life after

You can listen on any of these platforms, as well as many others:

Take a listen and leave me a comment. I would love to hear what you think. Thanks!

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Podcast Interview is Live – 1/12/2021!

Exciting news! A couple months ago I was interviewed by Ronit Plank about my book “Cowboys Aren’t Supposed to Cry” and living through grief as a young man, and today is the air date!

I share my walk through cancer with my first wife, her death and aftermath of grief and the writing of my memoir > Cowboys Are Not Supposed to Cry. Listen to my story at And Then Everything Changed or any streaming platform. Know that you are not alone in whatever kind of grief you may have or be experiencing.

I pray God’s blessings over each of you. Be a warrior poet and

Live Your Dreams!

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No Turning Back Now – Podcast Interview

Airing this Tuesday, January 12 on the And Then Everything Changed podcast. I was blessed to be a guest and interviewed by host Ronit Plank, her intro on IG is below.

⚡️Next week @mwschutter joins me to talk about nursing his first wife through cancer, becoming a young widower, and what he’s learned about the man he was all those years ago and who he is now.

You can listen in on all the podcast platforms – ITunes, Apple, Spotify and so many others.

This spring you can read more of my journey in my upcoming memoir ‘Cowboys Are Not Supposed to Cry‘.

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I Did A Thing – Recording A Podcast Interview This Week!

And Then Everything Changed – October 28, 2020

Tap the image to visit the website!

I will be interviewed by Ronit Plank for her podcast ‘And Then Everything Changed’ this Wednesday, October 28th. The episode will be aired at a still to be determined date.

In preparation for my interview with Ronit I have binged listened to many past episodes. I encourage you to take a listen to great stories of resilience, courage and hope. Ronit is a skilled host and interviewer. All past and future episodes, including mine when it becomes available, are available on her website and many podcast platforms including:

The conversations Ronit has with her guests are real and vulnerable. Talking about personal history; those pivotal moments of their childhood and adulthood that defined them and the crucial and sometimes painful decisions they made that forever changed the course of their lives.

After listening to many episodes, my biggest takeaway is the all too often similar feelings and emotions that we all experience in life. Despite our often very different circumstances, beliefs, values and life stories the emotional toil often runs deep. Although, my life may often have little in common with many of the guests I feel a connection.

It is not a competition, and yet we all have or will experience pain in this life. #quote

“The Princess Bride”

The question and the test is what will we do with the pain we experience in this life? Listen to some Ronit’s guests tell their stories and you will be inspired by the strength, courage and the resiliency of the human spirit. Thank you Ronit for creating this platform that allows others to share their stories, reminding us each that we are not alone.

Stay tuned to this site and sign up for email updates for the latest and when my conversation with Ronit will air on her podcast!