Do You Believe That Dreams Can Come True?

My 11-year-old daughter owns a full-blooded Arabian horse. Silver Sight, aka ‘Thomas‘. Who knew this is the way our lives would go? What once seemed an impossibility is now a reality

Here are two videos of our afternoon yesterday spent with Thomas at the barn. The first was edited using Magisto, with some still shots and music added.

And the second is the original video: turn up the sound and you will hear horses neighing and the pounding sounds of his hooves.

  • Paying for lessons to learn to ride – less dinners and movies out.
  • Competing in shows – has become our family vacations for two years.
  • Buying a full Arabian horse – let’s just say thousands of dollars.
  • Seeing my daughter happy, motivated and learning responsibility – Priceless!

It was my daughter’s dream to have her own horse. It was also my dream and it only took me 51 years to realize even if it is vicariously through her. 🙂 Never stop chasing and believing in the power of your dreams!

Horse Graffiti – Wordless Wednesday

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“Horse Graffiti”     ©Mark Schutter – Throwback art completed in 2012
4×6 inches ~ Colored Pencils on Black Paper

Border and Background added using PicMonkey

Solitude of Night


In the solitude of night
as waking dreams linger.
Still cloaked in the promise
of the morning’s first light,
let not the light in you
be darkness.

~Mark Schutter ©2016

#JustBelieve #GraceWins #HopeLives
#LoveChangesPeople #YouMatter

You can, and will, make a difference in the lives of others. What kind of difference will you chose?

Is there Truth in the Legends and Myths of Silver Wings?

Believe in legend.

GU2012-001 (Silver Wings)

“Silver Wings” Colored pencils on black paper, 6×9 inches, edited border 

Believe in the unexpected.

Believe in myth.

Believe in love.

Believe in the miraculous. 

Believe in hope.

Believe in dreams. 

Believe in the undiscovered.

Believe in God.

 ~Mark Schutter ©2016


Beauty – the majesty of a winged horse standing firm against the darkness. 

Strength – wings posed for flight in silent strength ready to erupt into battle.

Knowledge – that the darkness cannot keep him bound as he is free. 

This drawing attempts to capture that still moment when strength rises and all things are possible; especially the stories told across centuries that now live in legend and myth. Do you believe there is some truth contained in the legends and myths told and retold across cultures and kept alive throughout the history of mankind?

Will you unlock your passions and bleed colors?

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My passion runs deep and yet often lays dormant and unused for extended periods of time. I set them aside under the burdens and obligations of life, or so I tell myself. I am only doing what is needed and what is right.

Really? Is stifling my God-given talents and desires a good thing?

We were each designed with a purpose. Talents, skills, abilities whatever you want to call them and we are expected to use them. For when we do we come alive, our heart and soul sing in harmony. Like a key that fits a long ago locked door, suddenly a whole different perspective on the world opens up to us.

Desires. I yearn to create and have since I was young.

Drawing, painting, writing it all stirs the passions inside of me. I also strive to encourage others and share with others, to make us all not feel so alone. When I draw or write I sense the presence of God and my soul finds rest in the moment.

Distractions. And yet, I so often allow the things of this world weigh me down.

It is then, when my attitude and moods turn sour that those closest to me suffer the ill effects. So I encourage you to go, to chase your passions, to live! To find what makes you come alive, for the world desperately needs us to come alive. For then we can truly help and touch others at their point of need. It is your choice! Now I am off to edit that novel I have procrastinated finishing for so long! And some other endeavors that are calling to me!

What passions have you set aside that you will now allow to bleed?