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In the End

In the end do not become someone who you never were. #Quote #Poetry #Encouragement #Motivation

Be you, for if you are not no one else could be.

A recent experience led me towards becoming someone who I am not. Through the grace and mercy of Yah and my beautiful wife I have been comforted by Holy Spirit in gentle correction from the lies I was allowing myself to believe.

Now I am holding on the truth of who I was created to be and my destiny. I am claiming the blood of Yeshua over my heart and actions, purposing to follow and live my dreams moving forward.

Now I encourage you to believe in the one who came so that we may have life abundantly. Now go and ⬇️

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An All Consuming Fire

Question: Do you truly believe what you say you truly believe?

Throughout my life at different times I have thought of Jesus as –

  • a baby in a manger surrounded by a bunch of animals
  • a historical figure who was killed some 2000 years ago
  • a vague and confusing idea of what might be ahead after this life
  • an idea that represents the good in people and society
  • a god(?) uninterested in the day-to-day lives of human beings

But as I’ve aged and traversed my own journey through life encountering the joys and the sorrows,  I have come to realize that when I surrender to God and allow Him to lead and guide me, He is so much more than I have ever dreamed of.  A friend and father that shows himself to me anew in a hundred different ways each day; my source of strength and comfort in the black, cold and stillness of night.  My purpose, my power, my potential in this world and hope in the next.  I am never truly alone as He loves me and cares for me in each and every moment , in the right here and right now.

He is real and alive now, He is God.

  He is all I have, all I am and all I can be.

He is in the east and the west, the north and the south, 
the day and the night, the black and the white!