Corridors of Green


corridors of green
through a forest of pines
each tree seldom seen

~Mark Schutter ©2015

This is the road I travel each day to and from work. It is amazing to witness the transformation of the trees as the seasons change. From autumn’s colors to the barren winter and back to the brilliance of spring and early summer. Live deliberately and have a blessed day!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

"A Rare Glimpse"
“A Rare Glimpse”

Wishin’ everyone a ‘appy St. Patrick’s Day even if yer are not Oirish, as if it really matters on dis ‘oliday! ♣

Wanted to share a picture we were able to capture recently of the rare St. Patrick’s Day bird.  Birdwatchers have spent their entire life chasing this elusive little fellow with no luck. (St. Patrick’s Day pun intended! :))

He is tall in stature, usually 5-7 inches but very thin and wiry.  This bird loves to tease with his high pitched squawk which has been said to sound eerily like the laugh of a child.  He is extremely quick and agile, most only catch a glimpse as he flies off.  Also, his green appearance allows him to camouflage himself very easily in the green of trees, bushes and plants.  This one was an even rarer specimen with the feathered topknot that looks strangely like a stocking cap.  Enjoy, gran’ day! ~M