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The Gardener

I am so often so far from who I wish to be

Only showing the world the facade I wish them to see

Hiding inside the man a frightened child silently weeps

Retreating, concealing, hiding the dark secrets inside I keep

Longing to reveal my self in truth, power and authenticity

The glory of my design by a creator who loves unconditionally

Doubting my worth, my purpose, my destiny is tragic

For beyond the ages I was set apart by a deeper magic

Loved from the beginning in the time before time

Forgiven for each every committed future crime

Redeemed and saved I should bask in His grace

Why then, oh why do I struggle to take my rightful place

Dark forces of evil whisper of my failures that own me

Laughing, intimidating lies mask the truth of who I can be

Love is softly spoken in the few quiet still moments of rest

Why can’t I let go and accept His best

Gifts freely given like grace and mercy is bestowed each day

To live through Him and grow stronger in His embrace I’ll stay

To lose myself surrendering all my selfish needs

Realizing finally He is the gardener and I only the seed

 ~Mark Schutter ©2013