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The Perfect Storm…


Complacency – In life we can easily become complacent and settle until we are shaken back to movement.

Reluctance – We can feel mired in a state of stagnant desires that holds us fast with no strength to move.

Anxiety – Overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness, uncertainty and thoughts of what the hell is going on?

We so often allow emotions to control our lives. Each day, we allow opportunities to pass us by while we stand afraid to move. Our dreams slipping from our hands. It paralyzes us in social encounters laying on a fear of failure and even success. Our hopes and passions slowly fading in the distance.

The Perfect Storm – Recent events at work, at home and in my own heart have left me feeling confused and somewhat despondent. One minute I am okay, then angry, then blase before plunging into somber feelings of discontent. Yes, a perfect storm of sorts.

And yet, here in America, some are facing hurricanes in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. fearing for their safety and that of their loved ones. Not to mention the possibility of losing there possessions. Others are faced everyday with fears of discrimination, harassment and even death. Some don’t know where their next meal will come from or where they will lay there head down at night.

I really don’t have it so bad. I am blessed, and I am reminded as I will remind you to be grateful for what you have. Say a prayer for those less fortunate than you and do something to help if you can.

#JustBelieve #GraceWins #HopeLives


A Cow’s Nightmare

Quietly standing along the fence at twilight
The setting sun casts yellow flames silently down
They silently watch as the cars disappear out of sight
Days are spent grazing in fields of green clover
Content in hopes of more lazy days ahead
Clumsily they lay down and sometimes roll over
No worries, no cares, living completely unaware
As something wicked and evil this way comes
They think not even a thought of what to wear
But some know that cows are haunted by a dream
Visions of demons hysterically waving gleaming steel
The cows search idly for what it all might mean
Warnings are unheeded as All Hallow’s Eve approaches
A feeling of dread covers the land in wicked whispers
Upon the heavy mists malevolence slowly encroaches
Bipeds in startling white coats walk out of the dark
Staring evilly into the cows eyes revealing a glimmer
A crashing boom rings into the night sending sparks
They feel a thud and everything goes suddenly black
Falling to the ground in the final throes of death
Warm blood flows from the humans’ frenzied hacks
Revelations in dreams for cows come early and then too late
A grisly fate is upon them and their end has come
And they are now only steaks and cheeseburgers upon a plate

~Mark Schutter ©2014

A Cow's NightmareA little bit horrific and humorous in honor of Halloween being only a week away, as even cows can have nightmares of evil things! 🙂 This is also a link up to Hastywords for her 31 Days of Horror! And my 24th poem for the month of October, #OctPoWriMo!