Moments Passed

Can you ever truly return to a moment once it has passed?

Or return to a time that has vanished into a room locked in eternity.

Like smoke through your fingers, the moments are quickly gone.

Is there hope in a return to an ending that is now somehow a beginning?

Once and forever a piece of time, a piece of you disappears into the past.

Never the same, hearts forever changed living now under a different colored sky.

Dreams now vanished into the seemingly endless dark black of night

“The fires flames burn hot and are never satisfied.”
(Poem and photograph copyright of Mark Schutter ©2013)

Cycling Flames

"Cycling Flame" ©2013  18x24 Watercolors (from the vault)

“Cycling Flames”  Maleko ©2013  18×24 inches  Watercolor-from the vault

Now I am off to ride! 

A happy weekend to all my friends!