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Magic Happens

"Magic Happens" On her 10th birthday was the first time my daughter and I got to ride horses together.
“Magic Happens”
On her 10th birthday was the first time my daughter and I got to ride horses together, thanks to her trainer and the barn where she rides.
Cluttered thoughts,
Scramble and run through our minds.
In blinks of an eye,
We can leave them all behind.
When we slow and bask in the simple glow.
There are moments in life when the magic happens.
Times when everything,
For which we had hoped and prayed.
Comes silently down,
Into our lives truth is conveyed.

~Mark Schutter ©2014


Softly She Smiles

Saturday Night Fun - Hats!Softly she smiles
My heart melts beneath her style
Her long blonde hair reflects the sun
She laughs joyously and I quickly come undone
We waited forever
Hoping on the edge of never
Your arrival was a light in the dark
A finely crafted jewel reflecting sparks
Growing so fast
The world you learned was vast
Life throws curves and pain persists
Evil lurks in the shadows and does exist
The front yard
As you wander your joy I guard
Watching you there I marvel at grace
The innocence that is revealed in your face
My zealous mission
To protect you always from perdition
My life for yours to prevent life’s painful trials
Unassuming and unaware turning she softly smiles

~Mark Schutter ©2014

This is somewhat of a follow-up or companion piece to my recent poem ‘Comes A Reckoning’ which was inspired by the prompt about Social Change posted on The Reverie. There is evil in the world and we must protect the innocence of our daughter’s and son’s when we can by choosing to be a light in the dark. You will make a difference, the question is what kind of difference will you make? ~M

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A Bubble Off Plumb


I reckon some will say,
I’m a bubble off plumb
That’s for sure and for certain.

The silliness and laughter,
Keep me from coming undone
Cause something has got to give.

The memories and moments,
For the regret is so tragic
If the love is not shown.

The joys and sorrows,
The mundane and magic
Life is found here and now.

~Mark Schutter ©2014