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Poem for Dad! Father’s Day!

The following poem was written and recited to me by my 9 1/2 year-old daughter for Father’s Day, it so touched me that I wanted to share.  The impact fathers (and mom’s) will have on their children is momentous, they are watching and listening.  You will make an impact, the question is what kind of impact will you make?  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! ~M

I love my dad!
He makes me glad, when I’m sad!
Oh, I love my dad!
So, this is for you!
Because it’s Father’s Day!
This is for you!
But in a special way!
So, I’m going to explain, what my dad’s like.
So, I hope you’re not sitting in the rain.
My dad loves chocolate!
He’ll eat it every day!
He’s also writing a novel, safe to say.
He does tons of beautiful art!
And he’s really really smart!
But he’s silly in the head.
Though he doesn’t like spending too much money,
(so he said.)
He’s a biker as well.
But does a boring job, were he wear’s silly hats,
and I’m sure the next one will have a bell!
My dad’s the one that will do,
Or have to do everything in the house.
He even chased a mouse!
My dad is fun to fight and play with.
He’ll make me laugh most any time at all!
But I’m sure he gets bored when we have to go to the mall.
Well that is all, we have here.
I hope you liked it.
Now give me a cheer!
I love my Dad!

 ~Muppin ©2014

Mark Schutter ©2014
A photograph of the original poem and accompanying artwork. ~Mark Schutter ©2014
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Daughters and Fathers

Daughters and Fathers - Meg MeekerThe above excerpt is from the bookStrong Fathers, Strong Daughtersby Meg Meeker, M.D. with my own added comments and highlights.  This book had a major impact on me and my pursuit of building and maintaining a solid relationship with my growing daughter.  My daughter is now 9 1/2 years old and everyday seems to go by faster than the day before.  She is no longer a baby but will always be my little girl. Therefore, I will do whatever I have to do to protect her from the pain and hurt of this world and give her the supportive love she needs when she does get hurt, as she will. 

I realize that I am and must be that place for my daughter to retreat to and to feel safe. The moments and our lives go by all too quickly and we forget that those we love often just want our time and nothing else.  As our time on this earth does not come in quantities, we must be intentional in saying no in order to say yes to our daughters and others that we love.  If you have daughters of any age, I encourage you to read this book! Take this challenge with me!

Other books by Dr. Meeker’s include the following:

You are important and will impact your child’s life, the question is how?