Life, Photograph, Poetry

Dreams of Dirt


Dreams of dirt,
and muddy yesterday’s.

Mt. bike rides,
and colorful memories.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

Where do you find your passion? Those things that you yearn to do again and again. Those very things that linger in your memory and bring a smile to your face when remembered. Live your dreams!


We all need serious therapy!


We all need some form of therapy (or call it escape if you like) from the craziness of our lives. Two of my favorites are riding my mountain bike and writing.

I love getting out into nature and just pedaling away from my stress. I also love writing; stories, poetry, it doesn’t really matter. I find both cathartic in very different ways.

I also find therapy in my faith, in music, in drawing and painting, in family and friends (at least some of them 🙂 ), and not to forget coffee and chocolate!

What works as therapy  for you?